New Beginnings Gift Box

Trust the magic of new beginnings! Perfect gifts for a new home, new job or just a new start. 

Gift Includes:

  • The New Beginnings Ritual Kit features Sage, Palo Santo, Selenite, a raw Amazonite stone and a tumbled Tiger's Eye stone to discover the new beginnings you seek. 

    Here's how:

    1.) Clear unwanted energy by lighting either the Sage or Palo Santo in your space. 

    2.) Charge your crystals with your energy by holding them and thinking about your intentions. 

    Raw Amazonite - charge with an intention for strength

    Tiger's Eye - charge with an intention to persevere 

    3.) Place the Selenite next to your crystals to keep them charged and the energy in your space balanced.

  •  Serpentinite bowl to burn sage smudge sticks. This unique piece is made of a mix of Serpentinite (Rock) and clay. Hand-crafted by artisans. The dry Serpentinite is hammered into powder and mixed together with the clay in a 70/30 ratio (70% Serpentinite and 30% clay). The bowl is then formed by hand with bamboo tools. The finished piece is smoothed with stones. After being fired in a kiln, the bowl is covered with leaves. The smoke from the leaves against the hot Serpentinite creates the unique black finish, perfect for burning smudge sticks and Palo Santo. 6.25" diameter x 3" height. 

  • Brass Metal Tray to display all crystals. 5-1/2" round.

*10% of all proceeds are donated to GlobalGiving.  Learn more here.

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