Custom Engraved Gift Boxes for year-around clients

Create a lasting impression by sending modern corporate gifts personalized with your logo on gift box for a memorable experience and maximum brand impact.

We've taken all the hassle out of personalized corporate gifting. No additional lead-time for individual gifts. Your boxes are ready to ship out the same day you place your gift order.

Here's how it works:

  1. Upload your logo.
  2. Our in-house team will prepare your custom gift boxes by engraving uploaded logo on our premium high-density gift tags matching your brand colors and aesthetic.
  3. We keep them in our production queue for your convenience and awaiting your gift orders, whether you're sending 1 gift at a time or 20 all at once.
  4. You place your gift orders as you normally do and our team will make sure to package your corporate gift in your custom engraved box with your logo.
  5. We send the gift out and you get all the credit and brand recognition.

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