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Gift Includes:

  • Confidant Hardcover Notebook/Journal by Baronfig -Charcoal. Hardcover, opens flat. The notebook that’s small enough to go everywhere you go and big enough to work with all day long, whether at home, work, or in transit. Ruled, Dot Grid, Blank. Comes in its own gift box.
  • Spruce + Amber Candle - A scent with universal appeal combining the deepness of rich spruce with musky amber, while sage and citrus brightness chime in to tie it all together.
  • Sugarfina Champagne Bubbles - Delicate, sweet and chic, Champagne Bubbles are one of our all-time favorite gummies. Dressed up in tiny white nonpareils, each juicy little bite bursts with the flavors of the finest champagne. Sophisticated yet playful, you'll love each bubbly "sip."
  • UVC Germ Safe Custom Phone Sterilizer Box with 10 W Wireless Charger & Aromatherapy Feature. This UVC Germ Safe Custom Phone Sterilizer Box with 10 W Wireless Charger helps keep your phone safe from germs and doubles as a wireless charger for smartphones. It also comes with an aromatherapy feature - essential oil not included. Close the top cover and press the button once, and the UV lamp will start sterilization. Push the aromatherapy button to start aromatherapy. When you open the cover, the UV light and the sterilization process will automatically stop for safety measures.
  • Sleek ballpoint pen write as smooth asit looks.It hasa long and lean shape and weighty feel that sits great in your hand, and a metallic finish to elevate your work space.Black ink.
  • Packaged in our signature keepsake gift box with your logo.

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