Whiskey Lovers Gift Box

  • Viski Gold Plated Cocktail Picks.
  • Set of two Viski Bronze Rim Cocktail Glasses.
  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries.
  • Daneson Single Malt Bourbon Toothpicks. 
    Single Malt No.16 - Fourteen-year-old Islay scotch whisky imbued with notes of oak tannins, peat, almond, and vanilla. Bourbon No.22 - Steeped in six-year-old cask strength Kentucky straight bourbon. Expect notes of oak, leather, caramel, and almond and hints of fruit once this toothpick is warmed up.
  • Molly & Me Bourbon Pecans. Bourbon Pecans are made with a pecan flavored bourbon and are a sweet delight for all.
  • Viski Glacier Rocks® Hexagonal Basalt Stones. Pour neat drinks directly over our Hexagon Glacier Rocks® to keep libations ice cold and uncut. Polished black basalt brings an unfettered edge to the table, letting you savor full-flavor spirits down to the bottom of the glass.

This gift arrives in an Ames and Oates exclusive keepsake gift box with hand-tied ribbon.

Handwritten personal message included with each gift. 

*10% of all proceeds are donated to GlobalGiving.  Learn more here