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3 Ways Giving is Good for Your Health

October 24, 2016

3 Ways Giving is Good for Your Health

We're all about giving here at A&O (in case that wasn't already obvious) and we believe in the positive effects that giving can bring to both the giver and the receiver. But did you know that giving may actually be good for your health?! Talk about some extra motivation to give!

Here are 3 ways that giving is good for your health -

1. Giving Can Boost Your Mood.

Giving can create something called a "warm glow" which is a positive emotional feeling that activates certain regions of the brain connected to pleasure and connection. Studies have also shown that people who give tend to have lower rates of depression. So giving makes you happy!

2. Giving Makes You Live Longer.

Giving decreases stress, improves well-being and satisfaction with life, lowers blood pressure, and promotes better mental health. Researchers have also seen reductions in symptoms associated with heart disease and chronic pain. 

3. Giving Makes Relationships Stronger.

Giving strengthens our bond with others because it conveys gratitude, appreciation, and caring. And positive relationships promote good mental health and physical health, which ties back to living longer lives! It's the circle of giving. 

The great thing is that any type of giving can bring about these health results. You can give through gifts, sending a card, buying someone a coffee, giving your time, even writing a check to a charity you love. There are so many ways to give, big and small, the possibilities are endless.

So get out there and start giving.

Your heart, mind, and emotional well-being will thank you!

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