August 25, 2017

It's officially Virgo's time to shine and celebrate! So if you have some Virgo peeps to gift, we're here to help!

Here's a list of 5 gift ideas for your favorite Virgo. 

1. Elucx Luxury Deluxe Spa Gift. Virgo's are known for being very hard-working, so maybe a Virgo in your life needs a gift that inspires them to wind down a little and relax. This deluxe spa gift is the perfect choice! It includes 3 different mask options, a detox bath soak, a rose milk bath soak, and rose lip balm. Your Virgo will be left with a face that glows, soft skin, and moisturized lips after their day of at-home pampering.


2. Hustle & Fuel Coffee Gift. But if you're Virgo is stubborn, as many can be, and you know that there's no slowing them down, you can support their hustle and stellar work ethic with this great gift box! It includes a "Hustle" Mug by Created Co. and a bag coffee from local PDX coffee house, Water Avenue Coffee.


3. "You're a Gem" Keepsake Candle. Virgo pals are some of the kindest and loyalest of all the zodiac. Show your Virgo how much you appreciate their friendship with a candle that says exactly what you feel.


4. Yellow and White Graphic Notepad. Virgo's tend to be very organized with a keen attention for detail, so a journal or a notepad make a great gift to help ensure that they don't miss or forget, a thing. 


5. Field Notes 3-pack Journals and Field Notes Pencils. Keeping with the idea of organization and detail, a notebook and writing instrument for on the go, make a practical and functional gift that your Virgo will definitely appreciate and use regularly. 

*Bonus* Gift Good | Do Good. Virgo's are humanitarians at heart so they will be over the moon when they realize that your gift purchase for them is also giving back!  


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